Chikwanda may also resign as PF cracks deepen

Chikwanda may also resign as PF cracks deepen

After GBM, Finance minister Alexander Chikwanda maybe the next person to resign his cabinet portfolio following the impasses that has continued between ailing dictator Michael Sata and His royal highness Mwinelubemba Chief Chitimukulu Henry Sosala Kanyanta Manga, a private message delivered to the Chitimukulu and obtained by the Zambian Watchdog has revealed.

Click here to listen to GBM talking to Chitimukulu: GBM-PARAM

According to the private message, Chikwanda, GBM and other Bemba parliamentarians are said to have been told by Sata to disown the traditional leader and the MPs defied the objective and GBM took the challenge to lead the defiance.
The message also assures the Chitimukulu that no Bemba MP will disown him for the sake of Sata’s job offer. Sata’s directive has also been confirmed by a senior state house staffer who said following the MP’s defiance Sata was scheming to replace them but was short of adequate manpower.

The scheme also included Sata using the Post newspaper to negatively cover the parliamentarians so as to make them unpopular to their followers.
“If you see, of late there has been a scheme to try and promote Ngandu Magande who is tipped to replace Chikwanda but Chikwanda and other Bemba MPs are clean men so the President found it difficult to make them dirty, that is how they brought in the Mmembe and the Post to do the propaganda but it was too late coz the Bemba MPs are smarter and much ahead of Sata, they are also working with intelligence officers, they are on top of the game,” said the impeccable source.

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