Chikwanda’s interest in Zesco board


The interest that Mr Alexander Bwalya Chikwanda the Minister of Finance has shown with regards the dissolution of the Board at ZESCO and the termination of Mr Cyprian Chitundu job as the CEO has nothing to do with the reasons that he has advanced.
Infact, having served in different Governments, he is aware that for Yaluma to take this action, the Head of state was fully aware and probably  Yaluma acted on instruction and express authority of the President.
The Board at ZESCO, was awash with nepotism and members were appointed for being relations to both the Late President and the Minister of Finance and not on merit.
The former Board Chairman, a Mr Mutale Katema was a nephew to the late President. A son of the older sister to Michael Sata who was married to Chief Chikwanda of Mpika.
The other member, who had no attributes to serve on this Board was Mr Charley Mubanga, famously referred to as Charlie Sex.
The Board was entirely answerable to ABC and a lot of dirty deals involving ABC were done through this Board. This included the preferential business given to ABC and his son Bwembya, as well as , the current Deputy Minister Mulenga Sata.
Furthermore, Mr Charley Mubanga was awarded many contracts especially advertising through a company called Nisha which he owns.
Mr Chikwanda is so greedy and has carried out so many deals that will land him in serious trouble at his age.

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