Chilangwa orders police to arrest UPND members in Luapula prov.

Luapula province PF Chairman Nixon Chilangwa has ordered police to arrest UPND members in Luapula province.

Recently, the UPND team, led by Vice-president Richard Kapita, party National Chairperson Mutale Nalumango, and others sucessifully toured Mwense, Mwansabombwe, Nchelenge, Chiengi and Kaputa districts where hundreds of people defected from PF and MMD to join the UPND.

But Chilangwa, now feeling the pressure in an area he regards as personal to holder and has now ordered that the UPND members in these areas be arrested for no reason.

While the UPND team was touring Luapula, Chilangwa, who is also the Home Affairs deputy minister, had ordered the team to be arrested and leave the place because it was not their place.

But the UPND team ignored his stupidity and continued setting-up branches, wards, constituency and district executive committees.

People in the province also complained of neglect by the PF and high cost of living as mealie meal was costing K85,000 while cement was K95,000 in areas such as Mununga and Chieng.


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