Child dead others vomiting after eating meallie meal packed in fertilise bags

A three-year old child of Mbilima village in Chilubi district has died while a good number of people  in chief Matipa’s area are complaining of stomach pains and are vomiting after eating cassava meallie meal which had been packed in fertiliser bags.

Reports from the area indicate that people bought cassava mealie meal from one trader who lives at Kakulwa’s village in the same chiefdom.

It is alleged that he trader used empty fertiliser sacks to pack the cassava meal he was
selling to people.

The suspected trader together with the entire family have also eaten the contaminated cassava meal and they have been taken to Kawena rural health centre in route to Santa Maria Mission

Even dogs which ate the left overs are said to be affected.
Chilubi district is one of the places were poverty levels are high and people survive on eating cassava mealie meal sold by trader coming from surrounding districts.

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