Childish show of power


This is very much an incredibly childish show of power by Lungu, who continues to exhibit deep insecurities, and an attempt to force the main opposition party to recognise his presidency.
Earlier, hours before the police raided Hichilema’s house, Mumbi Phiri, the ruling party’s deputy Secretary General, held a press conference where she challenged the police to use the Mongu case to confine the UPND leader at his house (typically Yoweri Museveni’s strategy of dealing with the leading opposition), saying if the police can’t protect Lungu, then they should pave way for the PF supporters to carry out the job.

The truth is that Lungu and his political entourage were embarrassed in Mongu at the support shown to HH and UPND. To divert attention, they have brought up a trivial issue about respecting a motorcade. What an insult to the intelligence of the Zambian people. Why should a grown up man, like Lungu, cry that people are refusing to get off the road to let him pass and park when he is passing? Since when did stopping vehicles to let a despot pass become a right? Lungu is confusing a privilege with a right!!


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