Children in Katuba learning in classes without roof

PF government’s poor attention to education will make some pupils at Katete basic school in Katuba constituency today open their first term learning in classrooms without a roof after windy rains last year blew off the roof of a 1×2 classroom block which also housed the headmaster’s office.

Last year, the roof was blown off and soaked grade nine examination materials, building officers came to estimate the cost and government promised to repair the damage but this has turned out to be another PF lie.

School and village sources have expressed shock that their children will be subjected to such inhumane conditions fifty years after independence. When the incident happened, Chibombo district commissioner Felix Mangwato went to the scene and lied that the roof will be replaced before schools open this year.

Mangwato, of Zimbabwean origin and was used to do Sata’s personal errands in Kasama where he worked in an opaque beer plant has reportedly been avoiding reminders from chieftainess Mungule to attend to the problem.

Even Edwidge Mutale the central province permanent secretary and one of ailing dictator Michael Sata’s multiple concubines lied to the traditional leader when she paid a courtesy call on her and this has angered the chief who has accused government of hating her people.

Katuba constituency will be voting a new MP on 25th February following the death of area MP Dr. Patrick Chikusu who was suspected of dying of food poison, voters have said the school will be an election issue.


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