Children, male and female patients sharing ward

Health services are in a deplorable state at Chipepo health centre in Kapiri Mposhi district of central province where children, male and female patients have been forced to share the same ward.

Residents of the surrounding areas have called on government to fulfill the promise of ailing dictator Michael Sata to upgrade the health centre which caters for over 5,000 people.

During the PF induced by election in Kapiri Mposhi Sata and the entire PF leadership lied to the electorate that once the PF candidate Eddie Musonda is voted into office, the health centre will be upgraded to mini hospital standards.

Sata accused MMD government of neglecting health infrastructure in Kapiri and other parts of the country but it is now close to two years from the time Musonda was elected and the health standards are falling down.

In an interview with the Watchdog, concerned residents regretted having voted for the PF and vowed never to give the failing government any chance in subsequent elections.

The lies of developing infrastructure are equally being peddled by PF in the 19th August Mangango by election in Western province where PF have fielded an aged candidate after struggling to find any suitable candidate.

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