Children mend Mpika road

Mpika residents have bemoaned the poor road infrastructure in the area and are concerned with the increasing road traffic accidents in the Mpika\Serenje stretch.
Children living along the Great North road are filling potholes with earth to reduce accidents.
Scores of young male and female children found filling potholes in Kanona, Serenje district over the weekend said they are worried with the loss of lives and property due to the accidents.
More children whose ages range from 3 to 10 are asking motorists to give them any amount of money for the work. Some motorists are parting away with some cash in appreciation, while others are simply speeding off.
One motorist observed that although, Road Development Agency (RDA) was patching up the road it might not succeed because it was beyond its capacity.
“Although RDA is mending Mpika\Serenje stretch it may not manage because it is beyond its capacity,” he said.

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