Chilekwa reveals how PF is corruptly getting vans from China

Chilekwa reveals how PF is corruptly getting vans from China

From Emmanuel Chilekwa’s Facebook

PF Secretary General, Davies Chama, who is also Board Chairunnamed-1person of Zambia Railways Limited has asked to know the source of opposition UPND President, Hakainde Hichilema’s source of wealth; well and good, he should also explain the source of the 150 brand new Chinese made SPEED vanettes through Swaziland since we know the PF doesn’t have any income generating corporate business that can pay for such procurement.

However, Zambians would like him to explain the source and payment for the new 150 Chinese built Red Speed vehicles, running on Mitsubishi engines, part of which has already come and branded PF, which are ‘donated’ by the corrupt contractors in Zambia which are coming through Swaziland.

And we know that the other PF team is heading to Japan for more ‘party support’. If these are not proceeds of crime, what are they? You mean just in the last four months, the PF has made so much money to import 150 brand new party utility vehicles? What business has the PF engaged in?

Deputy Secretary General, Mumbi Phiri, was the first recipient of one of the first five new red vanettes marked PF 21 up to PF 25 whose number plates were done at Phils Number plate outlet near RTSA.

For such huge donations, who are the donors? We know these vehicles have come from China, through Swaziland, with links to the construction contractors here in Zambia and using Swaziland as a cover origin and yet this is from China.

The writer, Emmanuel Chilekwa is the former executive chairman of the an organisation called ‘ Friends of president Edgar Lungu.’

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