Chiluba belongs to prison, says Lubinda

FREDERICK Chiluba belongs to prison and he will surely go there once President Rupiah Banda is out of office, Patriotic Front (PF) spokesperson Given Lubinda has said.

Commenting on the continued booing of former president Chiluba by Copperbelt residents, Lubinda said people would have expected Chiluba to be humble and meek to the people he had stolen from following his fall from grace.

“The position of President is a position of honour. Now his misconduct was tantamount to staging a coup. He had lost all the grace that he had. All the honour of the Office of the President was taken away from him because of his misconduct. And anybody who suffers that kind of experience feels sorry for themselves and lie low,” Lubinda said on Thursday.

“They don’t go round bouncing around, harassing people at the expense of being booed. They don’t, that is not normal behaviour. That kind of behaviour is only expected from people whose genetic formulation is abrasive against normal behaviour.”

Lubinda asked Chiluba to humble himself and repent for his thieving activities against Zambians.
“For a person to be able to repent of their sin they first of all have to accept their sin, and it is only people of honour who can admit that ‘here I have made a mistake’.

It takes people with honour and dignity to be able to admit that ‘I have made a mistake’, Lubinda said. “People who cannot see their wrong cannot be expected to repent. Such are the ones who are referred to as stubbornly unrepentant people. And that is a category where Chiluba belongs.”

Lubinda said Chiluba was so shameless that despite the humiliation he had suffered on the Copperbelt he had continued to pretend as if everything was well.

He said Chiluba might outwardly try to portray that everything was well and yet he was very troubled as a result of the hostility encountered on the Copperbelt.

Lubinda said Chiluba was campaigning through the pain barrier because he had no choice but to show gratitude to President Banda who secured his freedom.

“You see Mr Chiluba is at pains to try and pay back to Rupiah Banda for the temporary freedom that he was given by Rupiah Banda after Rupiah meddled with his court case. So now he is at pains, he wants to pay back to Rupiah Banda.

That is the reason why he is doing all what he is doing on the Copperbelt,” Lubinda said. “That is why after being embarrassed and booed he still goes because he has to pay to Rupiah and unfortunately for Rupiah even his Office of the President are telling him lies.
And what more with the lies that he is being told by the government controlled-media? The government-controlled media are not telling Rupiah the truth, they are telling him ‘yes, Chiluba is receiving a lot of support on the Copperbelt’.”
Lubinda said this was clearly pay back time for Chiluba.

“Remember that at some stage he was saying that he has a thick skin? He has a thick skin even for people revealing the truth about him. So he will do whatever it takes him to win the favour of Rupiah Banda, for him to pay back,” Lubinda said. “Chiluba knows very well that he misappropriated public funds and he belongs to prison. So for him everyday when he works up and sees he is not in prison he has to pay back to Rupiah Banda.”

Lubinda said Chiluba knew without doubt that President Banda would be out of office next year.
“In the same vein he Chiluba will go into prison. So he wants to put in everything that he has because his saviour in this matter is not Jesus Christ, it is Rupiah Banda,” he said.

Lubinda said Chiluba’s genetic formulation was extremely inimical to the law, which forces him to go against the law.

He said there was nothing Chiluba could do which would go with the norms of society.
“His genetic make up is so attractive to wrongdoing, doing things that are against the norms and expectations of society,” said Lubinda.

Chiluba has on several occasions been booed on the Copperbelt Province during the tours he undertakes in the compounds and markets, campaigning for President Banda and promising people that he will help them to buy houses because he is close to the head of state.

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