Chiluba invited to Libya

AU chair Gaddafi

AU chair Gaddafi

The Libyan government has invited former president Fredrcik Chiluba to this year’s annivessarry of the Libyan revolution, the Watchdog has been informed.

Celebrations to mark the  40th annivesary of the Libyan revolution starts next Monday.  The same Monday, heads of African governments will meet in the Libyan capital Tripoli for an African Union (AU) speacial summit on the consideration and resolution of comflicts in Africa.

President Rupiah who today left for Swaziland will fly to Tirpoli on Sunday.

Former president Chiluba, according to sources, is set to leave on the weekend for Libya where he will attend the celebrations and also attend the AU summit as an observer.

But his speokeperson Emmanual Mwamba said this is a lie. He however confirmed that the Libyan government has invited Chiluba.

He refused to discuss the details but claimed that Chiluba has been inundated with invitations to travel abroad from the time he was acquitted.

He said that Chiluba will consider all the ivitations and that he will soon resume his international duties.

Chiluba was given back his diplomatic passport earlier this week by the magaistrate court.

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