Chiluba is not a threat-Kambwili

Patriotic Front Roan Member Parliament (MP), Chishimba Kambwili has charged that Former President, Frederick Chiluba is no threat to the PF\UPND pact as he is no longer a factor in the political sector.

Speaking to radio phoenix, Kambwili said Chiluba is not popular as Zambians are no longer interested in him and the pact is ready to take him on.

He challenged the former president to stand as MP in Roan constituency if he assumes that he is popular.

Meanwhile, the office of the second president has disputed claims that Chiluba is still in active politics.

Dr.Chiluba said he quit active politics when he left state house in 2001, but as a citizen he is free to support a candidate of his choice.

Furthermore, Former Defense Minister, George Mpombo noted that former heads of state should not participate in active politics as they are a unifying factor in the nation.

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