Chiluba ready for Sata

SECOND Republican president Frederick Chiluba has said he will defend his statements against Patriotic Front (PF) leader Michael Sata even if he was dragged to court.

Dr Chiluba acknowledged yesterday, through his spokesperson Emmanuel Mwamba, that he had received a letter from Mr Sata’s lawyers demanding an apology for the allegations stated against him during a Press briefing.

Dr Chiluba said it was a gamble for Mr Sata to even threaten to take him to court over remarks he made at a Press briefing held at his residence on Sunday last week, and that he was ready to defend every statement, according to Times of Zambia.

According to a letter written to Dr Chiluba by Mr Sata’s lawyer John Mulwila from Ituna Partners, the law firm had been retained in connection with the alleged innuendos and remarks that were also published by the Times of Zambia.

Mr Sata was particularly concerned about the allegations by Dr Chiluba that he was dismissed by the Northern Rhodesia police force and that he was arrested and imprisoned because of some criminal offences committed in the police force.

He was further concerned about Dr Chiluba’s allegations at the same Press briefing that he led a polygamous life and had a relationship with a woman in Ndola, yet he was receiving Holy Communion in the Catholic Church.

And Mr Sata’s lawyer stated that the words complained of by his client were in no doubt defamatory and the estimation in which he stood in the opinion of others had been affected by false statements.

Dr Mulwila said the statements by Dr Chiluba were an infringement on Mr Sata’s rights.

Mr Sata was now demanding a retraction of the words by Dr Chiluba within seven days and an apology through an appropriate media approved by his lawyers.

He warned that legal proceedings would commence should a favourable response not be made.

Meanwhile, a Ndola-based Bank of Zambia (BoZ) employee alleged to have two children with Mr Sata has not been available to give her own side of the story following Dr Chiluba’s revelations.

A Times reporter who went to the BoZ regional offices in Ndola on Monday was initially informed that she was available but security personnel later made aU-turn and said she was not on duty.

Efforts by the Times yesterday to either see the woman at the offices or meet her at her residence in Itawa proved futile as the reporter was told that she had shifted to Kansenshi.

Later in the day, the reporter learnt, through further investigations that the woman had travelled out of town for official duties.

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