Chiluba’son, three others picked up over drugs

Police have picked up former president Fredrick Chiluba’s son Miko for questioning over illegal drugs.

Former president Chiluba

Former president Chiluba

The Watchdog has been informed that Miko and three other unnamed persons are still detained at some undisclosed police cell in Lusaka.

According to information received, the police picked up the four on Wednesday in North-mead in one of the night clubs.

The police are said to be not clear who among the four was the owner of the drugs.

“Basically the police want to find out who among the four picked up persons was the owner of the drugs,” said one source.

All the four are still detained.

Police service spokesperson Bonnie Kapeso sent the Watchdog a text message saying “The matter is with DEC. No comment from police.” He was responding to a query sent to him.

Former president Fredrick Chiluba ‘s ruling on his alleged corruption cases comes up tomorrow.

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