Chiluba to launch Rupiah’s Luapula campaign next month

FORMER president Frederick Chiluba is next month expected to launch President Rupiah Banda’s campaign in Luapula Province at a function organisers claim will be discussing development, according to the Post Newspaper.

According to a letter to all chiefs in Luapula Province dated March 23, 2010, which was marked ‘strictly confidential’ and signed by PF Kawambwa member of parliament Elizabeth Chitika and MMD Chembe member of parliament Mwansa Mbulakulima, who are the group coordinators, Chiluba is scheduled to meet the chiefs and all members of parliament from Luapula that are aligned to the ruling MMD.

“RE: PROVINCIAL CONSULTATIVE MEETING IN MANSA 15th to 16th May 2010. During the Chabuka ceremony of the Ushi people in Mansa in October, 2009, their Royal Highnesses who were present and 12 Hon members of parliament from Luapula Province agreed to organise a provincial consultative meeting where all the senior chiefs, chiefs and some sub chiefs will be able to meet and exchange views on many important issues affecting the people of Luapula Province,” read the letter in part.

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