Chiluba’s acquittal can put Zambia on fire-OYCM

A non-government organisation, Operation Young Cheetah Movement (OYCM), says the Acquittal of former president Fredrick Chiluba can put Zambia on fire.

And a group of NGOs and church organisations calling itself ‘Vision 2011’ has said the case of Chiluba has become a source of livelihood for some Zambians.

OYCM president Macloud Lukondo says even if diplomats do not agree with the leadership style of President Rupiah Banda, they have no right to support acts that can cause civil unrest in the country.

He said that rich people should realise that the majority of Zambians are poor and have no capacity to survive in case of civil unrest.

He was speaking Saturday morning at ZAMCOM lodge at a press conference by Vision 2011.

At the same occasion, Vision 2011 director Patrick Mukosha said Zambia should stop wasting money on Chiluba and instead use the money to eradicate mosquitoes from places such as Garden compound and construct drainage system in Kanyama, Misisis and George compounds.

He thanked president Banda ‘for not interfering in the operations of the judiciary’ saying he has demonstrated that he is a man of principles.

Vision 2011 says it is a consortium of 30 NGOs and church organizations which include Reuben Lifwekelo’ leadership Search and  Evangelical Youth Network.

Mukosha said that his members have seen how some people amassed wealth as a result of pursuing Chiluba at the expense of developmental projects.

‘When the government said they will not appeal against Dr. Chiluba’s acquittal, it is these same people; whose income is no longer assured, who are crying foul and agitating civil unrest in the country,” said Mukosha.

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