Chiluba’s son among survivors of Chibombo sacrifices

Chiluba’s son among survivors of Chibombo sacrifices

chilubaChongo, late president Fredrick Chiluba’s son is one of the very few people who survived the horrendous Chibombo bus crash that killed close to 70 people.

(We apologise to the Chiluba family for reporting earlier that Chongo did not survive the accident)

Records so far indicate that this is the highest number of casualties ever recorded in Zambia in a single accident since independence. Apart from people on the bus, other people on the scene and in other vehicles also died in the accident.

Sources in the security wings have told the Watchdog that Chongo was, like most people on the bus, based in Ndola but traveling to Lusaka. He survived with a few scratches.

Meanwhile, State House sources have told the Watchdog that president Michael Sata was informed of the tragedy by the intelligence community in Zambia immediately it happened before 8 hours but went ahead to swear his relatives as diplomats to Angola and Saudi Arabia. He only issued a statement late in the afternoon saying he was extremely saddened.

In other countries, the head of state would have suspended all activities and even rush to the accident scene.

Zambia’s second president Fredrick Chiluba died mysteriously on June 18, 2011 a few months before the elections that gave birth to the PF regime.

He was a sworn enemy of the current regime such that PF leaders had problems attending his funeral for fear of being lynched due to harsh things they said about the man who is credited for bringing democracy to Zambia.

Many people believe that the mysterious death of Chiiluba was the beginning of the many strange deaths being experienced in Zambia today Chiluba is the man who declared Zambia  Christian nation.

“The death was a surprise for us because he was normal during the day,” said his then spokesman Emmanuel Mwamba .

“He met some people, had appointments and consulted. It was a normal day.”

Mwamba said a doctor came to the former leader’s home hours before he died after he complained of stomach pains. He was treated and appeared fine, but later became unconscious.

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