Chilufya Tayali acquitted of rape

Zambian Voice Executive Director Chilufya Tayali has been acquitted of rape by the Lusaka Magistrate Court.
And Mr Tayali has vowed to take on all corrupt officials in President Edgar Lungu’s administration including former President Rupiah Banda.

Magistrate William Banda delivered judgment Friday morning and stated that the state had failed to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt that Mr. Tayali had raped Ruth.

He said there was overwhelming evidence before the court that Ruth had consensual sex with Mr. Tayali.

Magistrate Banda ruled that the state failed to prove that there was any struggle before the sexual encounter as they were no physical marks on the bodies of the two.

He added that the medical report also did not report of any physical injuries on Ruth’s body.

Magistrate Banda said Ruth only reported the case to the police to save her relationship with her ex-fiancé, Joshua Muleya.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tayali told Journalists shortly after being acquitted that he felt relieved and vowed that the outcome has given him more resolve to expose the ills of society.

‘It gives me so much relief especially in my work as an activist. I have had people who have dismissed based on this case, much more, I have had serious disappoint especially with the state, each time I raised issues instead of them answering to my issues, they were dwelling on this case,’ Mr Tayali said.

He added, ‘I’m very very disappointed especially with the people at State House like Amos Chanda, instead of answering to the issues I was raising, they went on rampaging , ranting over a case which was subjudice. It made me wonder, now this is not just about me, it is about the respect that this government has for the judiciary.

Mr Tayali said, ‘If government officials and the executive will be commenting on cases at will without any consideration, how much pressure are they putting on the judiciary?’

‘I think this victory if I could call it victory or this acquittal sends amessage to the executive that if people are raising questions about their governance, let them not be quick to fix them, they were hoping they were going to fix me using this case.’

He said, ‘This man (Magistrate Banda) has shown the executive who have been campaigning, am rejuvenated now.

All the corrupt people now including RB, am coming. I have no rape case now.’

Mr. Tayali was facing one count of rape for having unlawful carnal knowledge with Ruth Zulu on 16th July 2012 without her consent.

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