Chilufya Tayali attempting to bribe rape victim’s fiance’

Zambian voice executive director Chilufya Tayali who is facing rape charges in court has been pleading for out of court settlement and is sending emissaries to the fiance’ of the woman he raped at Barn motel.

Sources close to the man have disclosed to the watchdog that Tayali wants the man to testify in his favour that the sexual intercourse he had was by consent. Before the magistrates court Tayali stands charged with rape after he raped a Ms. Sakala of Kaunda square.

“He has been sending some people to try and pay some money to the man so that the man can testify that his fiancée started cheating on him a long time but it looks like the man is not interested in his dirty money,” said the source.

When he appeared in court, Tayali admitted to having sex with the woman but said it was with her consent. However some investigations reveal that Tayali made his victim drunk with alcohol before having sex with her. She was a person known to him who had asked for a lift from Tayali.

“She consented to sex and one time she called me and asked for a lift but while I was driving she started playing with my manhood and i realised that she wanted us to have sex so i looked for a private place but could not find any until when I came across barn motel where we booked a room and had sex. She even told me that I was stronger than her fiance’ with whom she had only had sex once,” said Tayali in court on Tuesday.

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