Chilufya’s ministry fails to account for money again

Chilufya’s ministry fails to account for money again

By Diamond TV

The Ministry of Health is struggling to account for K63 million, the balance from the K4.7 billion budget allocation from the Ministry of finance for the financial year ending 2019.

Appearing before the parliamentary public account committee, Ministry of Health Permanent Secretary for Administration, Kakulubelwa Mulalelo could not provide satisfactory answers to the house on how the money was used.

The committee through its chairperson Howard Kunda ordered Ms. Mulalelo and the team to provide an expenditure report and the Ministry says will do so in a space of one week.

Other queries includes the awarding of contract to Honey Bee Pharmacy for the procurement of Health Kits.

The Committee could not understand why the ministry awarded honeybee the contract despite not meeting the requirements as cited in the 2019 Auditor General report.

The meeting resumes today.

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    Nyambe the Hero 3 weeks ago

    Honey Bee Pharmacy was just a trade name registered in 2016 at PACRA by an individual named Imran Lunat. It wasn’t incorporated as a limited company as required by tender procedures when the US$17 million contract was awarded.
    This smells just like the deal with Lamise Investments. A grocery and trading being given a US$200 million contract to take over functions of the Road Transport and Safety Agency.
    The rot will continue as long as Lungu and mob are running the country.

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    US$18 million dollars is small change by PF standards. They’re so rich that they even fail to pay back to government what the ministers who illegally stayed in government drew as salaries and allowances when parliament was dissolved prior to the 2016 general elections.