Chimese and Muma determined to abuse ZAF to rig elections

Chimese and Muma determined to abuse ZAF to rig elections

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There in no doubt that the Air Commander Eric Chimese and his deputy David Muma are working with Edgar Lungu to rig the August 11 general elections. Both Eric and David are ill qualified to occupy positions they do and will go to lengths to appease the appointing authority to maintain their positions and criminality.

The extent to which these two gentlemen have put the Air Force in disrepute is unforgivable. Morale among senior and junior officers in the Zambia Air Force is at an all time role.

Two weeks ago, 28 drums of aviation fuel miraculously disappeared from armed custody at the Air Force base. We can today reveal that the aviation fuel was stolen under the instructions by Gen.Chimese and Gen.Muma to aid in the movement of PF hired choppers. The drums have serial numbers and they have been located in Kasama where a PF hired chopper is parked.

The generals’ conduct does not surprise us. They have acted very unreasonable in the issuance of flying permits and we know that they are scheming to use ZAF aircraft in swapping of ballots to rig the elections. The credibility of ZAF’s role in the coming elections is ZERO and the Electoral Commission of Zambia would do well to hire independent aircraft and pilots to help with the elections.

Below is a picture of a PF hired chopper parked at Kasama airport and drums of missing ZAF aviation fuel.

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