Chimese paying for fraction of his thefts

Chimese paying for fraction of his thefts

From 2012, we have been documenting former ZAF commander Eric Chimese’s theft, embezzlement and corruption despite being insulted and threatened by those who benefit from and condone PF corruption.

Finally, the soldier of fortune has been arrested for a fraction of his thefts. such as a the building in the photos. We have been vindicated as usual. But we know that Chinese’s real crimes are being ignored because they involve big fish in government.

But we are not worried, we know their time to account will come, and we will be here to write about it. Even those media houses who were challenging us when we revealed Chimese’ s theft are now falling over each other to write about the theft. Shame.Now that he is no longer in power and he has nothing to offer them, they find it safe to ‘expose’ him.

As for those other thieves like Minister I f Defence Davies Chama who stole together with Chimese, your time is coming.

Where are those cadres now who insulted us when we exposed Chimese’s corruption in 2012, 2014 to 2018 when it was risky to do so?

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