China builds 3 rooms at Chingola sch, govt happy

China builds 3 rooms at Chingola sch, govt happy

Chingola Contituency Member of Parliament Mathews Nkhuwa Writes;;;;;

In yet another development under the MP initiative as Chingola Constituency MP. Zambia – China Association (Cbelt) Chairman Mr Wang Xin with Chingola Constituency Development Trust Secretary Jerry Sakaka were this afternoon on site at Shimulala community school which is under rehabilitation.

The Association has since pledged to fund the construction of a 1×3 classroom block at the school.

The Patriotic Front government continues to roll out its vision of development in the education sector.

ZWD comment: our leaders are corrupt and myopic at the same time. Why should it take China to build three rooms of a school? Is it lack of money or common sense on the part of the Zambian government? This is how China works, they spend 10, 000 Yuan to build three rooms at a Zambian community school and paint the rest of the buildings. We are sure even painters and bricklayers will come from China. They make sure government officials are in attendance to sing praises and thank the saviour. Then China will demand huge chunks of land in the same area or take over some government property, project or contract and reap huge profits. Our leaders will just be there clapping while China is taking over our country piece by piece.

By China building three rooms at a school in Chingola, this idiot Nkhuwa thinks it’s development when we can build a bigger and better school ourselves using refund from ministers who obtained illegal salaries in 2016.

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