China happy with Sata and his government

China says it is now ready to work with President Micheal Sata’s government.

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping says former president Kenneth Kaunda’s visit to that country has sent a clear message that Zambia’s new government is committed to strengthening the existing relations between the two countries.

ZANIS reports that the Chinese Vice president said this when he meet Dr. Kenneth Kaunda at the Great Hall of the people in Beijing on Saturday.

Mr. Jinping says China still regards Zambia as a favorable investment destination.

He says it is for this reason that the Chinese Government has invited President Micheal Sata to visit China early next year.

Earlier Dr. Kaunda visited the Chairman Mao memorial Hall located in the middle of the Tiananmen Square in Beijing the capital of China and laid a wreath.

Dr. Kaunda is in China as President Michael Sata’s special envoy to President Hu Jintao of the People’s Republic of China.

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