China Jiangxi’ dirty money to Chibuye questioned

China Jiangxi’ dirty money to Chibuye questioned

Lusaka businesses con artist Jeremy Chibuye’s has continued getting kickbacks from China Jiangxi using State House and President Edgar Lungu’s name.

A govt source has told the Watchdog that in the last one year, Chibuye has received over US$11million in kickbacks from Jiangxi Corporation, the main contractor for the construction of the Lusaka-Ndola dual carriageway through Company Representative Long Anliang.

China Jiangxi also uses Joseph Mwewa and Bwembya Chikwanda to bribe government officials in order to secure tenders.

The monies stashed in boxes is carried in the boot of Chibuye’s car at Bank of China premises after working hours and personally handed over by Mr. Long.

The amount of corrupt money received by Chibuye from Nr. Long in such a short period has unsettled govt officials who see Chibuye’s financial muscle as a threat to their political space.
A source recently spoke of how Chibuye has become big headed bragging to colleagues that President Edgar Lungu is aware and has his blessings over the dealings with Jiangxi Corporation.

Senior party officials also allege that Chibuye would either underdeclare or not declare monies given to either State House or party SG Davies Mwila.
“In August last year, China Jiangxi Corporation through Mr. Long presented Vice-President Inonge Wina a K200,000 cheque “towards the successful hosting of the Investment Forum and Expo” slated for October 8 to 13. But before this, Mr. Long had already delivered a small parcel of US$45,000 to to the Veep her “personal” logistics and another US$90,000 was given to Chibuye.
The Boss (President Lungu) has on several occasions warned Chibuye to desist from using State House and PF for fraudulent schemes but these mere warnings have yielded nothing,” a source said.
Govt officials have taken to mocking Chibuye saying he has now surpassed Special Assistant to The President for Project Monitoring Andrew Chellah in using the President’s name in getting kickbacks from Chinese contractors.

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