China Jiangxi takes over Avic state capture corruption in Zambia

China Jiangxi takes over Avic state capture corruption in Zambia


CHINA Jiangxi Corporation for International Economic and Technical Cooperation
is now the new darling of corruption in the PF regime. It has managed to replace Avic International after creating a rift between Avic and the PF government. Due to the current status quo, Avic International is scaling down on its projects and has abandoned a number of projects due to non-payment of contract fees by the government. On the other hand, government is on schedule in paying CHINA Jiangxi on all its projects.

Let us look at the ongoing plunder at the Lusaka-Ndola dual carriageway China Jiangxi and government officials.

On Monday, we explained how China Jiangxi International, Joseph Mwewa, Mulenga Sata, and Bwembya Chikwanda stole US25 million dollars meant for the modernisation of Lusaka International Airport. This they did by changing and reducing the Airport design in size and quality of building materials without tender authority. In short, they made smaller structures of cheaper materials than what was approved. Read that story here

Apparently, the same company is doing the same at the Lusaka Ndola dual carriage way.

The Ndola dual carriage way has been described as the most expense road to build in the whole world. The 321 kilometres stretch has been pegged at US$1.2 billion to complete. Construction experts estimate that the real cost is just around $600 million on average.

When these figures were announced, Former Kasama MP Geoffrey Mwamba Mwamba said there was no sensible way China Jiangxi could be paid US$3,7 million for a kilometre. He said that it was a serious scandal that will land people in prison should there be accountability in the near future.

Now, despite these exorbitantly, inflated figures, there is huge stealing going on at each and every centimetre of road constructed. China Jiangxi International and its local agents and government officials is doing exactly what it did to money meant for modernising Kenneth Kaunda International Airport.

Originally, the world was told that the dual carriageway, will also come with the construction of a transit hotel, service stations between Lusaka and Kabwe, and a mini city to be established between Kapiri Mposhi and Ndola, among other attractions.

But these has been scaled down just like was the case at the construction of the Kenneth Kaunda Airport.

Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Vincent Mwale who is in the pockets of China Jiangxi International has already announced that government is revisiting the contract for the Lusaka – Ndola dual carriageway
Mwale announced that government is revisiting the scope of works so that the existing road can be maintained, and only additional two lanes should be constructed. He said the idea of constructing additional projects such as Hotels, mini city and self-stations will be left out of the contract. Now why these additional attractions be left out at the last minute when the Bank of China has already released some of the loan money and government has already given China Jiangxi International its part of the contribution? The answer is very simple, this is how China Jiangxi International operates. They will first cheat the public by putting up high quality products with additional amenities but once they receive the money, they scale down.

Readers may also recall that the Office of the Public Protector (OPP) established a prima facie case of Maladministration against the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure Development, concerning the US $1.2 billion Lusaka-Ndola Dual carriage way contract. That was four months ago.
OPP said then that the Lusaka-Ndola Dual Carriage was a Private Public Partnership (PPP) Project but was later irregularly changed to a financing project.
OPP Public Relations officer Chileshe Mwansa disclosed that after making inquiries, the institution established that originally the construction of the Lusaka-Ndola Dual Carriage was a Private Public Partnership (PPP) Project which was later changed to a financing project and a contract awarded to Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC).
Mwansa said OPP established that the procurement procedure to give an opportunity to Companies that had bid for the project when it was initially a Private Public Partnership was not done after the change of project Contract to Engineering Procurement Construction.
Mwansa said the public protector had instituted an investigation into the case in order to establish what transpired. You will never hear the findings of that inquiry.

Like sated above, China Jiangxi has successfully created a rift between the PF government and AVIC international a once upon a time darling of the PF.
It’s strange that all of a sudden, all China Jiangxi projects are being financed by government while AVIC international has gone unpaid in most of the projects country wide. Workers of AVIC have gone without salaries for months on end,’ a ministry of finance official told us.

China Jiangxi is involved in underhand deals with most ministers. We will next tell you how China Jiangxi corruptly struck deals with former Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe and Deputy secretary to Cabinet, Patrick Nvunga and president Edgar Lungu’s Economic advisor Hibeene. Mwinga

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