China launches newspaper for its citizens in Zambia

A new Chinese Newspaper has been launched in Zambia to cater for the Chinese community in the southern African state that is borrowing repressive media trends from the far East.

The Patriotic Front, who has embarked on a clamp down of online newspaper critical of President Michael Sata’s dictatorial regime, has praised China’s media record despite that country’s repressive media laws.

So far, the popular Zambian Watchdog and Zambia Reports are inaccessible inside Zambia although provisions through google provided proxies are making it possible for those with advanced communication devices to access the two websites.

The Chinese paper to be published fortnightly will be called The Oriental Post.

With a growing China population in the country most of whom are engaged in the mining and construction sector, there are efforts to increase Chinese trends in Zambia.

This is the first ever foreign publication exclusively targeting another race.

Director of news in the PF Chanda Mfula said China’s medai had shown focus and purpose in their operations.

Zambia Reports

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