China may not find Ndola dual carriage way

China may not find Ndola dual carriage way

The Chinese government says it will not finance the construction of the over priced Lusaka /Ndola dual carriage way because the PF government is playing double standards.

According to intelligence sources, the Chinese government has since made its intentions known to Finance Minister Margaret Mwanakatwe and Foreign Affairs Minister Joseph Malanji.

The Chinese government is annoyed that Zambia supported the proposed joining of Japan as a member of the United Nations Security Council.

” What happened is that Japan lobbied to join the United Nations Security Council permanent membership. As you may be aware, China and Japan are diplomatically sworn enemies. China asked what seemed to be friendly nations not to support the proposal, ” the source said.

The source said Zambia through its Permanent Represantive to the UN Lazarous Kapambwe voted for Japan to be admitted a situation that annoyed China.

China then told the Zambian government that it was going to review all bilateral relationships with Zambia and one of the most corruptly procured infrastructure project the Lusaka/ Ndola dual carriage way was the first casualty.

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