China paying for Sata’s current hospitalisation in Israel

China paying  for Sata’s current hospitalisation in Israel

The Chinese government is paying part of the bill for sick, ‘outgoing’ president Michael Sata in Israel where he is hospitalized.

The deal was reached when China’s vice President Li Yuanchao visited Zambia two days before Sata ‘vanished’.

Meanwhile, President Sata is said to have been hallucinating a day before he was evacuated and kept on saying, “I’m not the one who killed him,” a source at State House has disclosed.

Government contacts says Government had no resources to take Sata for a long medical treatment abroad so the Chinese Ambassador to Zambia spoke to his Vice President who immediately ordered that the Chinese government will pay for President Sata’s medical bills.

“What happened is that State House came up with a very huge budget for the President to be taken for medical attention for at least not less than a month and the Minister of Finance was some how dilly dallying and that is how Wynter Kabimba spoke to the Chinese Ambassador who spoke to his Vice President,” the source said.

The source said Wynter’s move also contributed to President Sata leaving the instruments of power with Kabimba instead of Finance Minister Alexandra Chikwanda.

The source said this is also the reason Sata donated 5 Acres of land to the Chinese Ambassador.

“That is why H.E (His Excellency) donated that piece of land and said who ever wants to mistreat or kill the Chinese should kill him first,” the source said.

Li Yuanchao, the Chinese vicde-president did not hesitate to commit China’s resources as he saw for himself how sick Sata is when he met him at State House.

Meanwhile, President Sata is said to have been saying “Teine Namwipeye” (It is not me who killed him”).

The source said State House staff are still puzzled at what the President meant when he said those words.

“He kept on saying it is not me who killed him in Bemba. We do not know what he meant but people speculated that he may have been referring to late President Chiluba whom many believe the President, Fred Mmembe and Mutembo Nchito had a role to play in his death because they believed Chiluba could have delivered Luapula votes to Rupiah Banda and Sata could not have won,” the source said.

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