China rejects car thief Muhabi Lungu as diplomat

China rejects car thief Muhabi Lungu as diplomat

Muhabi with president Lungu and Dora Siliya

Muhabi with president Lungu and Dora Siliya: the new PF

CHINA has rejected the appointment of Muhabi Lungu as Zambia’s economic attaché to that country. According to sources at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China rejected Muhabi’s appointment after the former MMD national secretary failed a security clearance, according to the Post Newspaper.

The Watchdog revealed on July 19, 2015 that Rupiah Banda had ordered president Edgar Lungu to give Muhabi a job at the embassy in China. See here.

“They [China] have written to us that he [Muhabi] failed the security clearance and they are unable to clear him to work there. A number of issues were raised against him including the failure to account for the vehicle he was using at MMD, so a new destination has been found. He is going to Zaire (Democratic Republic of Congo),” sources said.

Lungu was appointed as Zambia’s economic attaché to China by President Edgar Lungu. He has since completed the mandatory diplomacy training. MMD task force chairman Greenford Kalinda reported Muhabi to Woodlands police station for theft of a motor vehicle.

Kalinda accused Muhabi of having stolen a Toyota Hilux registration number ALX 6970 which he was using while in MMD, which he has refused to hand back, and a docket was opened at Lusaka’s Woodlands Police Station.

Lungu refused to comment when contacted, saying he had not received any summons from the police and did not want to discuss the matter. Asked whether he opted not to comment because he had been offered a job as economic attaché to China, Lungu said: “I do not want to comment on anything. I mean that is the reason why I am explaining to you that it is best I am left out of this thing. Actually what I should say is that I cannot confirm or deny. Use your sources to confirm whether it is true or untrue.”


Meanwhile, Kalinda yesterday said there was something fishy about the police’s failure to summon Lungu for questioning on the case since it was reported over two weeks ago. “I have phoned the police and they are telling me that they are waiting for one statement from the keeper of the MMD records, Mr Charles Kaira, who is here in Lubansenshi, before they can act.


This is why we are worried and surprised because such is information that can be adduced in court. They have done absolutely nothing since we reported and we hear this man is now going to Congo,” said Kalinda from Luwingu.  “We are writing a protest letter to the IG (Inspector General of Police Stella Libongani), including the country where he is going; we will go and protest that he has a pending case. They are scared because he [Muhabi] is connected.” But police sources indicated yesterday that the MMD had not provided enough information for them to act. The source said it would be premature to lay any charges against Muhabi in the absence of evidence. “Even if he goes out of the country, he will still be recalled if there is a case and he will not be the first one to be recalled,” said the source.

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