China said to be demanding evidence on fake money it printed for Zambia

China said to be demanding evidence on fake money it printed for Zambia

According to govt, these note ate fake and were printed in China

The Chinese government is reportedly demanding for evidence from the PF government over allegations that China printed K3.1 trillion for MMD towards elections, that is currently in circulation and fuelling Zambian inflation and kwacha devaluation against major currencies.

Commerce Minister Bob Sichinga has consistently claimed that there is fake money in circulation printed by the Chinese.

This claim was dispelled yesterday by the Finance Minister Alex Chikwanda and the Bank of Zambia that also demand for evidence from any citizen who has information to that claim to report to the relevant authorities.

The ‘fake’ money story was initially started by President Michael Sata and was later retracted by Finance Minister during a ministerial statement in parliament during the first sitting.

Relationship between China and Zambia has not been well despite Sata meeting the Chinese Ambassador and later lunch on with Chinese business community at State House just after being sworn in.

Efforts to mend the long term stand off between the China who are the major investors and the PF government were also followed by sending First Republican President Dr Kenneth Kaunda and later Vice-President Dr. Guy Scott to China earlier this year.

But this seems not to have helped much as recently another Minister Chishimba Kambwili went on rampage touring and condemning Chinese owned entities Zambia until the department of Labour was ‘fired’ from his ministry in an unprecedented move.

The Chinese Ambassador also complained that China has major investments in many parts of Africa but there was only one political party (PF) in Africa that does not appreciate Chinese investment.

The PF government leaders now controlling all the major media outlets, have been making wild and parallel statements on many issues most of which have been corrected by the Vice President or the Finance Minister.

Health workers across the country are the latest victims of a 100% salary increment hoax announcement, only to be reversed when majority thought they finally had their promised money in their pockets.

The population is now left to wonder who to believe in the light of so many conflicting and alarming statements coming from the people with so much  power.

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