Chindwin barack commander summoned over PF loss in Kabwe

The PF is bitter about losing the Kaputula ward by election to the opposition MMD and soldier have told the Zambian Watchdog that the Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) has been summoned by ‘high authorities’ to explain why soldiers in the camp did not vote for the ruling party.

Kaputula ward has 6,678 and has always been voting for the ruling party because of Chindwin barracks which has many voters. The soldiers usually vote for the commander-in-chief and his candidates but this time, 69-year-old PF candidate Alfred Musakanya polled 413 while MMD’s 31 year old Humphrey Mukuka polled 455.

And PF Bwacha MP today phoned the local KNC radio station to denounce the people of Kaputula for rejecting the ruling party.

Mushanga could however explain the unemployment, poor roads, relocation of Zambia Railways headquarters, closure of the giant Mulungushi textiles and increased crime in the town to the people.

Both Mushanga and his Kabwe central constituency counterpart James Kapyanga faced a ‘vote of no confidence’ from their members in early this year and risk not being adopted again.

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