‘Chinese firm swindled me’

The Editor,

I need your assistance, I ordered eleven (11) laptops three weeks ago from a Chinese firm called ‘JYC ELECTRONICS LTD‘ (www.jycelec.com) at a total cost of US$1,500. Before I send We had been communicating, but after sending the money, I only received a Chinese iphone costing less than US$100. I was advised by the shipping agent to consult with the Chinese Embassy, but each time I go there, no help has been coming forth; they keep saying that we cannot do anything.

I sent the money using Western Union. But since I was not getting held to get my money back, I decided to open another email account using different names. Then I communicated to the same company inquiring on their goods. I even requested for an invoice containing bank  details, and it was sent to me. They have an account with Bank of china, and full details are on the same invoice.

So I need your advice, what is the next step I need to take. Unfortunately, this money, I just got a loan from a bank, and I need to pay back; how, only God knows. Please help.


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