Chinese in our compounds

Good day Mr President, I am a resident of Chainda compound and I am writing to you with great worry and anguish. Mr President, we’re all Zambian citizens, in this world of uncertainty we all struggle to make it each day and stay alive. The rapid growth of foreigners (Chinese) has really caught my attention. We love foreigners because they bring development to our nation. But that doesn’t seem to be the case with the Chinese of nowadays. I don’t think it is appropriate for a foreigner from any nation to start competing with Zambian citizens on little businesses like “China mall”. What’s worse is these Chinese people are now building shops in compound like Chainda to start selling small things like bed shits, slippers and buckets only to mention a few. But sir, these are the businesses that Zambians are running on a small Scale😒😒 here in chainda for example we have almost all the small commodities ” home essentials ” but since the Chinese are building a shop (one stop shop) there will be no business for us Zambians. I thought the Chinese are supposed to establish big companies like car making, cellphone making and big ware houses so as to employ Zambians. I personally don’t have any issue with these China malls but the issue comes in when these China malls are now created in compounds like Chainda etc. What sort of businesses will Zambians do? Please Mr. President, help on this one. This is not bringing any development to our country, instead, it is indirectly destroying it. The China mall will employ 10 Zambian youths and in turn 100s of businesses of Zambians will reduce and come to a stop. How is that development? No way! Come up with a policy that will limit some businesses (small businesses) to Zambians only. This is the cry of many Zambians yet no one notices. Do you one to take action after you witness xenophobic acts? The time is now. We love foreigners they are people like us but there should be a limit in the businesses these Chinese people are doing. The CBD is already flooded by Indians. Now the Chinese will flood the compounds soon. 😒😒😒😒πŸ˜ͺ😭😭 I cry, we cry, but our voices are not heard!

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