Chinese managers who shot Zambian miners freed

he state has entered a nolle prosequi in a case in which two Chinese nationals of Collum Coal Mine in Sinazongwe shot 13 workers.

The nolle prosequi was entered due to lack of witnesses in the case.

Appearing before Livingstone High Court Judge Ernest Mukalamutiyo was Xiao Lui 48 and Wu Jiuhua 46, who were alleged of having shot and wounded shot 13 mine workers.

The duo are managers at the Collum Coal Mine.

Facts of the matter are that on 15th October, 2010 in Sinazongwe, the two, while acting together and with intent to maim, caused grievous bodily harm to Wisbone Simutondo, Abin Sianembo, Boston Munakazela,Ward Sianene, Wallen Muntanga, Simon Simweete and Briton Sianfundu.

Others that were allegedly shot at are Rubean Siakalumbwe, Vilason Mwanamusiya, Mandinda Siamubotu, Alfred Sinuka and Bowas Shamupwaya all from Sinazongwe.

This is contrary to section 224 (A) of the penal code Cap 87 of the laws of

However, the state entered into a nolle prosqui when the case came up for
continued trial in the Livingstone High Court today due to lack of witnesses.


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