Chinese national explains how police and secretary put him in cells for no clear reason


On December 11th, 2014  I was locked up in police cells at  Riverside Police station, Kitwe, Zambia.

The night I stayed inside the cell is a nightmare for me. During these hours I was full of anger and puzzled. Why I was just simply locked up here like a criminal for no apparent reason? Why I have not been given any chance to speak for myself and defend my own rights? I guess, the reason behind is because I am a Chinese who always is thought to be rich and not knowedgable of laws. Once a chance is available, people take advantage of it and exploit us, especially when the matters further go to police section.

I am so helpless. The only way and best way I can do is to truly record down my story and spread this story to every corner where there is fairness and to the people who have a sense of justice.

It was December 9th (Tuesday), 2014 afternoon around 16.00 hrs my company’s secretary, Kasongo Chiluba, came to my working desk and questioned me about job issues which are not within the range of my works and shouted at me loudly. She was so emotional that she kept beating on my desk while she talked. Everybody in the office was shocked and feared to speak a word. I asked her to low down her voice, while she did not. At this moment a message came into my phone, and then I was replying this sms. This gesture irritated her and she robbed my phone from my hands and accused that I was recording her voice. She took my phone and immediately run out of office to yard outside. I demanded my phone back and chased her out to the yard. She tried to escape from the gate of yard. I asked company’s gatekeeper to close the gate and approached her, then grabbed my phone back from her hands.

Then I returned to my desk at office trying to cool myself down. A minute later she came in and showed to me a nail scratch on her hand and saying: “you assaulted me, I am going to hospital to get a medical report and report to police, you will see the consequence.” Indeed, all the nightmares began from here. Though I think this scratch was caused by her own long nails, because I do not keep long nails, and assault is not defined in this way, I could not do anything at that moment.

The next morning, Wednesday, December 10th 2014, I went to Jambo drive police post with my witness wanting to open an “attempted robbery” against Kasongo Chiluba, but police officer refused to do so. He left my phone number and said he would call me in the afternoon.

In the afternoon around 16.00 hrs I received a call (from +260977395876) asking me to come to Jambo Drive Police post to settle down the issue with Kasongo Chiluba. Few minutes after I arrived in the police post Kasongo Chiluba and her brother reached police post too. Her brother seems to have connection with police. The moment he reached police post he wanted me to go into the cell there. The police officer opened the cell gate and asked me to remove my shoes, then her brother pushed me into the cell. While I was inside the cell, her brother kept insulting me: “You are stupid, you talked too much, you will be put into jail for 5 years.” I begged police officer to stop him insulting me, and I wanted my statement to be recorded, while he just said later I would be transferred to riverside police station and I could have my statement there.

Soon, a police car came, and I was put on the back of the car then it drove to riverside police station. Again, when I reached the police station, the officer asked me to remove my shoes. I said I had not yet given out my statement. Police officer replied I could have statement tomorrow. Then he locked me up in the cell there.

I was helpless there and could not talk to anybody. Fortunately, a moment later my chinese colleagues arrived, and they needed to pay money in order to see me. They asked me not to worry and said they would talk to Kasongo Chiluba, then they left.

After about two hours my colleague returned to police station. He said Kasongo Chiluba demanded 20,000 kwacha to make her agree to withdraw the case, and he had eventually paid her this amount. Upon hearing this I felt so sorry to my company for the mess I caused, and I also felt so much humiliated, I tried very hard not to let my tears and anger burst out.

At this moment her brother came to the iron bars of my cell and told to me: “my friend, do not worry, no more this (means assault, his left hand touched his right hand), tomorrow 8 hrs you will come out.” I controlled my disgust and said: “ok, I know” then turned my head to other side.

Then I spent a unforgettable night in that small and smelly cell with my eyes open all night.

December 11, 2014 (Thursady)around 10.30 hrs Kasongo Chiluba came to police station. I was called out of cell to meet her in police officer’s office. The police officer asked me to sign on a police bond paper. She did not withdraw the case. She explained my case, the assault case, very serious case, has been reported to many authorities and been known by human rights activists, lawyers and even president office already. So the police officer there do not allow to withdraw this case simply like this. I need to come next Monday again for formality. I seriously doubt about this, and I just do not know what tricks they are going to play again, and I am worried about tomorrow.

The above is the true record of the whole story. You may ignore this mail if I disturb you, or you may help me because in this corrupt environment you may become next victim. They do not take my statement, they do not investigate into this case. They simply do what favour them. I plead with you to forward this message to as many people as you can, especially to your friends who are in Press(BBC, CNN, Chinese media, Africa media…), Anti-corruption agents, human rights organizations, etc. I am ready to stand out to utter my voice, please give me a place to speak even it will be at the expense of my life. I would rather die in the course of clarifying my name than carrying a criminal mark all my rest life.

Please help me. I may be arrested again, and worse, put into jail. If I lose all communication inside, please continue to follow my news and force them to reinvestigate my case. So finally the justice can bring back to me.

Please help me and this world could be more beautiful. Thanks a lot.


Wang Dequan

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