Chinese nationals shun overzealous Chishimba Kambwili’s meeting

Foreign Affairs Minister Chishimba Kambwili was this Sunday afternoon displeased with Chinese Nationals working at Luanshya Copper Mines 15MCC for failing to attend a meeting in which he wanted to counsel them.
Mr. Kambwili consequently warned of stern action against the Chinese nationals for not turning up in good numbers for a meeting which was meant to address issues around the defilement case of nine underage girls by four Chinese nationals.
The Minister abandoned the meeting and directed management of 15MCC to organize all Chinese employees to meet him tomorrow at 17:00 hours without fail.
Mr. Kambwili who arrived with his team at the mine about 20 minutes after 15:00 hours was shocked to find a few Chinese employees in the meeting hall out of the over 500 employees who were expected to attend the meeting.
The seemingly annoyed Minister stopped the meeting saying he was not going to address a few Chinese employees because the matter at hand required that all of them attended.
He expressed disappointment at the conduct of the Chinese employees who refused to meet him for a well meant meeting.
He said the meeting was vital for the Chinese nationals working at the mine in that it was aimed at educating them on what is expected of them while in Zambia.
The Minister who was in the company of Luanshya Member of Parliament Steve Chungu, District Commissioner Frank Siatwinda and Mayor Nathaniel Chanda immediately left the meeting hall.
And 15MCC General Manager Gal Jianj could not explain where the other workers were.
When asked to explain, the General Manager who speaks through an interpreter, a Chinese national refused to talk to a ZANIS reporter.
Meanwhile, Mr. Kambwili has directed Luanshya District Commissioner and Mayor to ensure all the Chinese nationals working at 15MCC attended the meeting scheduled for tomorrow without fail.
The Minister was today scheduled to meet Chinese nationals working at 15MCC, a shaft where four Chinese nationals who are accused of defiling nine underage girls work.
The case of the four is expected to come up for trial tomorrow

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