Chinese Poachers kill Rhinos in Livingstone park

Chinese Poachers kill Rhinos in Livingstone park

Impeccable sources within Zambian Wildlife conservation bodies have confirmed the killing of two rhinos by Chinese nationals in the Livingstone national park two days ago.

The slaughter of the rare wildlife beasts by suspected Chinese gangs has caused havoc and consternation in the tourism sector and conservationists groups as fears mount of possible depletion of the remaining stock.

Many have expressed shock on how these rare species were ruthlessly gunned down when they are guarded round the clock, by both paramilitary and ZAWA security details. Sources who spoke on condition of anonymity say the killing is therefore positively viewed as an inside job.

The rhinos carcasses were found without horns and sources further strongly suggest that the Chinese working in collaboration with some senior PF officials conducted the senseless slaughter of the animals, specifically for their horns that fetch millions of dollars, on the Chinese black market for their medicinal value.

There has been no statement from the Ministry of Tourism so far over the killing of the two animals.

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