Chinese who shot 6 Zambians have connections to State House

Chinese who shot 6 Zambians have connections to State House

The Chinese owned Ebenezer Mine where six Zambians where shot and wounded is owned by a Group of Companies called Segocoa. Segocoa owns the biggest Chinese Hotel in Lusaka called the Golden Peacock hotel along Kasangula road. Segocoa’s main business line is construction. The company constructed the Levy Mwanawasa stadium in Ndola. The company is linked to two former Presidents namely Kenneth Kaunda and Rupiah Banda.

The Links. The land where the Golden Peacock Hotel stands was owned by UNIP. Yes UNIP. Panji Kaunda is the one who sold them that land on behalf of UNIP. Thereafter, Njekwa Anamela and Tilyenji Kaunda sold the Freedom House along Cairo road to the Chinese which is now a Casino. Then Kaweche Kaunda sold to Segocoa the Emarald mine in Ndola rural called Lufwanyama. That is the Ebenezer mine.

The Kaunda family has remained with some stake, though small.

Links to RB.
These are the Chinese guys Kelvin Sampa the Kasama Central PF Member of Parliament together with RB’s niece who is now in diplomatic service conned.

During the 2011 elections, Sampa collected several vehicles on pretext that he was going to donate them to MMD through RB. Kelvin registered some of the vehicles in his name and RB’s niece. When Michael Sata became President he through Mutembo Nchito as DPP pursued RB on Nigerian Oil deal and these same vehicles.

RB and Segocoa were charged and taken to court. Whilst RB was being prosecuted over the Nigerian Oil deal, the Management for Segocoa fled the country. Sata died then Edgar Lungu became the President in 2015.

Mutembo Nchito was hounded out as DPP and Segocoa management came back to run their business.

You think such people can be arrested for shooting only six Zambians?

We thought you should know. Enjoy your festive holidays. As for us here at ZWD just as ba Koswe Mumpoto are blundering everyday, we are also alert everyday.

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