Chingola council allows Tanzanian to build shops on top of sewer pipe

Traders at Chiwempala market have complained and accused the
Chingola municipal council of being corrupt for allowng a Tanzanian businessman to put up
shops on a sewer line and in front of other shops.

And the night club belonging to a former council employee where a
Mulonga water and sewerage pipe busted on Christmas eve has not been
demolished the watchdog ahs learned.

The shop owners complained to the watchdog that despite numerous
complaints to relevaant  authories including the Town
Clerk Gorge Mulenga ,nothing has been done.

Allan Mulenga complained that since the shops were erected in front
of their shops there has been no businees because customers have no
access to the shops.

Another shop owner Catherine Njovu  disclosed that she applied for land
from the council so that she could extend her shop, but was advised
that she could not do so because the area housed the Mulonga Water and
sewerage pipes,adding that she was surprised that to see someone
putting up a shopping complex.

She further said that when she and her collegues complained to the
area member of parliament Joseph Katema and district commissioner
Gorge Sichula they both said that there hands where tighed over the

Mrs Njovu further disclosed when approached over the matter,Chingola
town clerk Gorge Mulenga said that the Tanzania businessman Kenwell
was the right owner of the land in question.

Meanwhile the night club ‘WHY NOT IF NOT’,where a sewer pipe busted on
Chrismas eve last year has not been demolished ,but instead Mulonga
water and sewerage repaired the pipe inside the bar.
A check by watchdog found the bar on full operational.

‘Why Not If Not’ night club  situated in Chiwepala compound a crime-prone area
belonging to a former council engineer is erected on a Mulonga water
and sewerage pipe. It is  in the same area wher a Tanzanian business man has
built shops. The sewer pipe busted on chrismas eve when the night club was fully packed with

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