Chingola councillors fight over illegal land allocation, meeting today

Chingola Municipal Council is under spotlight following the revelation of alleged illegal land allocation activities in the district by some councillors.

The situation has prompted Chingola Town Clerk George Mulenga to call for an emergency special council meeting this Thursday 14:00 hours to table the alleged illegal land allocation.

One of the councillors said Chingola land allocation was a menace and if nothing was done too soon to stop the vice, it would possibly stir up chaos in the district.

Already the Anti-Corruption Commission has interviewed all councillors, chief officers, some council employees and members of the public regarding land illegality. So far no one knows the findings of ACC and the subsequent action.

He said the biggest problem was that the revelation of the alleged illegal land allocation was meant to implicate the big fish within the PF party.

He said the in-fighting within PF was worrying.

The source sympathised with the Town Clerk because the war was mainly between the mayor Cuthbert Kalebaila and the District Commissioner George Sichula.

“There are camps within the PF in what we call ‘The War of the Titans’. The DC has his camp and the mayor has his. And within the councillors there are divisions, the deputy mayor was yester night noted to be forming a cartel that would suspend Works, Development and Real Estate committee chairperson Henry Kafumbe and his team from the meeting.

“Mr Kafumbe has become the target because he has already declared interest in the mayoral position. So Mr Kafumbe should have numbers in the council to ensure that he survives with his team and the mayor too needs numbers to survive,” he said.

The source accused the deputy mayor of being happy with the development because one of the councillors vying for the position of the deputy is in the camp of Mr Kafumbe.

He said the full council meeting may have sparks; the situation he said might attract the public to attend in masses.

The source said it would be important for the public to attend the full council meeting in order to question the credibility of the mayor and his councillors.

He said his fellow PF councilors were making the job of the Town Clerk and his fellow chief officers extremely difficult.

And Lands Minister Wylbur Simuusa has issued a warning that no one was above the law.

Mr Simuusa said that if the allegations were true then the culprits must be disciplined to remove the bad seed.

He said it was embarrassing that the land wrangles were happening in his home ground (constituency) when he had taken exceptional effort to educate the councillors on his Government stance over land.

The Minister said he had been going round the country sensitising councillors on the need to desist from illegal land allocation.

Author name withheld


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    big Joe 5 years

    The current crop of Chingola councillors are mostly beggers and boot-leakers only fit to be sherpards. The Local Government Minister should just suspend this council if those idiots are not prosecuted.And that corrupt DC is tarnishing the image of the appointing authority by claiming that President Sata is aware of what is going on. KUYA BEBELE BOYI SICHULA UKACHULE.

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    Dear Editor,

    I am warning you the local government council of Chingola to be honest about the way you are running the institution as though it were yours.
    You have forgotten that many have come and gone through the same institution.

    One day you will give account on : collected from the inordinate number of
    plot applicants vi-s-av .
    2.corrupt methods of land allocation.

    I have warned in advance so that you know that your wicked ways of practice are known by all the wise walking silent residents of Chingola.
    Next time, I will name you one by one. Let the axe fall on you.

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    tonnyk 5 years

    The situation in the border-town (chililabombwe)is not good too, not because of land, but because someone big holding that hornarly office is not ready to retire the impressit(money the used when he went to S.A),He has moved and transferred all chief officers in order to sit on the records.where are the auditors?? let him pay.(invetigate)

  • comment-avatar
    SAD 5 years

    Everything is now FREE FOR ALL. Look at the streets. Total nonsense.

  • comment-avatar
    Tembo 5 years

    Good !! Check all councils and see what’s happening … Especially Kabwe
    Rampant illegal allocations….. Also at 4 miles Check check Check

  • comment-avatar
    Old Katuba Boys 5 years

    This is another problem we have in our country, the Chiefs are also a problem. The Hon Minister of Chief’s affairs should also help in making the chiefs keep their Traditional Land on behalf of their subjects. Hon you came out very well on the need for the Chiefs as custodians of their culture. We want you also to educate the Chiefs the importance of keeping land especially villages because they need to have subjects only then they will be called Chiefs.We are apprciative in the way you are articulating issues relating to land to the Chiefs . They must realise that they keep land on behalf of the President. So far we are happy with the way you are going Keep it mum!

  • comment-avatar
    Old Katuba Boys 5 years

    Ba Minister Simusa, this is good that Councillors are educated on Land Issues . Please also visit the councils in the rural areas. And apassionate plea to you please look into Chibombo distric where villages are being sold, living villages without a village and no heritage connectivity to mother Zambia. We are still waiting for your promise where you promised not to entertain illegalities in land issues.
    Also Check central province desk in your office.

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    eyeofaneagle... 5 years

    this issue is more political than management! In the times past, cadres were rewarded with land so they could sell. Reward which used to come as a result of either campaigns or other works done for the powers that be or would be! However, in terms of management, i dont know what explanation one can give about TCs use of a fire tende to tranport water to his plot that, according to insiders has no minute for land allocation! ABUSE? And this is the guy that has gone to CN to clean it!? Shame! The minister has to do his job in his home town! The guys in management, please!

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    Citizen 5 years

    A list should be made of land recently allocated. It will show glaring examples of “favours” if not actual corruption in the council.

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    HH 5 years

    Has land verification that was conducted in chingola held something? Developers responded positively yet nothing has come back to them,Kasala,Ma G,mupaka,Buntungwa,chikola loop area

  • comment-avatar
    doran mupeta 5 years

    Surely smething has to be done.we’ve got too many incompetent councillors thus makinG the work of the president for honourable simussa,I think u r serving your last term sir.we’ve had enough of yo under performance.

  • comment-avatar
    Mubanga 5 years

    Typical of PF cadres!
    I am not surprised at all!

  • comment-avatar
    botomoam 5 years

    ba mwankole

  • comment-avatar

    Yaya chingola Council under fire….indeed thses Councilors are thiefs just 1year and months in power the have given themselves commercial,industrial, and residential plots and the have since bought nice and expensive cars…something need to be done now.

  • comment-avatar
    Rio 5 years

    Pathetic Fools, always squabbling!

  • comment-avatar
    chingola man 5 years

    Chingola councellers be it town clack mayor including the lands minister are not serious and are the kind of people who making PF to fail in the District.
    They are too corrupt on amost everything its no a council you can go to for solutions without any one asking you for money. alot of people have lost their money at this council in the name of offering the land. look at roads on this one time called the cleanest town, you would cry. PF in chingola please never re elect these fools again find people who can work.
    disappointed thungs.

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    tripoli 5 years


  • comment-avatar
    Witness 5 years

    There’re fights in almost all councils,this simply means the leaders at the bottom know what the seniors are doing and now it’s ‘free for all’ watch this space….

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    true this man is not serious,look at the road from his street.
    peaple you think he can come and change things from the council no
    this man is just their in lusaka watching manda hill.
    this time his voting for himself

    • comment-avatar
      REBASED ZULU 5 years

      I second you. Each time i get on a taxi going home in nchanga north my mood change because of poor road network due to lack of seriousness with the are MP Wilbur simuusa.

  • comment-avatar

    Let sanity prevail in all this messy we are sick and tired of through same problems day in and out!

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    rev.masipa 5 years

    ba honorable minister, u are not serious. so many land wrangles in chingola, in kasala people building on school ground, chingola south you are given plot you find there is already someone on the said plot. confusion is the order of the day. ba minister show leadership. council workers who get as low as K800:00 are able to buy vehicles costing thousands. cant you see corruption with your naked eyes?