Chingola Nightclub

Dear Sir
For obvious reasons I will ask you to hide my ID.
Iam a Chingola resident,a parent and iam appalled by a Bar called the Square which is located opposite Zanaco bank. This bar is the epitome of the degradation in the values of society. Young children as young as 16 years and younger are being allowed to drink,have sex and do all soughts of things. What I saw yesterday broke my heart.
Where is the Council,where is the Church and Civil Society. Why is the girl child being left to be abused? Why are youngmen as young as 14 years being allowed to drink?
I appeal to the powers that be to look into this issue as the Council in Chingola is obviously corrupt and cannot rectify this.
I also wonder what type of tenants this landlord has. How can they allow him to abuse them like that? You have a business and someone closes the gate to have his show when you also have businesses?
If nothing is done about this issue I will personally take it upon myself to bring it to the attention of the Minister of Home Affairs and Minister of Local Government. The Square is killing our Children.  Enough is enough.
Concerned Parent.

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