Chingola protests release of robbery suspect

Chingola residents are running street battles with police after the police released one of the key suspects in the ongoing robberies and hacking of people in Chingola .

The suspect was released after a jerabo known as Kamwefu paid K50, 000 to have released.

Kamwefu has had his shop and house burnt in Chiwempala. 5DC43CD3-5A53-47E8-99B6-256E24CDFABB

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    shame 2 weeks ago

    This is cheap thinking at its best.
    Has American president Donald trump being a senator or any government official.A big no,but he is now president.
    Never judge a book by its cover.

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    MUNYENGE 2 weeks ago

    The boat has passed the storms and come 2021 it will calmly sail onshore into the promised land that Sata foresaw. We talking about bread, honey and milk for all citizens. Vote for HH at your own peril, this is a man who has never held even a position of section chairman or councilor. Only idiots can entrust HH with leadership at national level because the only thing HH knows is privatization. This is a man who will privatise your businesses and even sell the houses that Chiluba sold our fathers and grand fathers. HH is a man who is willing to sell his soul to the devil so that his little white friends can come here and start practicing yakumbuyo love in exchange for the presidency but Zambian men of integrity wont allow this son of the devil to be anywhere near state house come 2021.Infintu ni lungu!!!!!!!!!!!