Chingola Tribunal reverses election of PF candidate

The Chingola petition tribunal for the Lulamba ward this morning ruled in favour of the UPND candidate Temwane Banda and declared him as the duly elected councillor, reversing the earlier declaration by the Returning Officer who had declared the PF candidate as the winner.
This was after Temwane Banda petitioned the results and the tribunal hearing ordered a verification and recount of the results that later showed that the Electoral Commission of Zambia colluded with the PF and declared wrong results from fake GEN12 forms and announced the PF as the winners.
These are the same Returning Officers that were also managing the presidential election and they were doing the same things for the presidential results.
The hearing is just a glimpse of what was going to happen if ConCourt judges Anne Mwewa Sitali, Mulenga Mungeni and Palani Mulonda were not bribed and allowed the presidential petition to be heard as provided for by the constitution.
Actually, in Chingola alone, UPND President Hakainde Hichilema’s results were under declared by more than 4000 votes at least going by the available forms from the totalling centres that were part of the evidence for the UPND petition.
In the ongoing tribunal for some ward in Chilanga, the Returning Officer has admitted generating fresh GEN 12 forms and later followed the losing PF candidate to her home to sign the new documents.
The Chilanga Returning Officer also admitted that he backdated the dates on the forms and that he had 3 sets of results with different signatures on the GEN 12s forms that were declared.
At least the lower level hearings that will include MPs are going on and exposing more irregularities but shame that the main petition was shut by the corrupt Constitutional Court judges.

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