Chongwe NRC office understaffed

Chongwe NRC office understaffed

I went to Chongwe National Registration office this morning to register my two Daughters.
I got there at 07:43 then at exactly 07:52 a Lady came,who happens to be the District Registrar then another lady came shortly after the office was opened.
I walked into the office then I was asked to wait outside so they could sweep 🧹 the office.
The office was cleaned and work started at 08.35 I asked where other officers were but only to be told, one went on transfer and the office assistant died 2 years ago .Really!!!

National Registration office is a Department under the Ministry of Home Affairs, Does the ministry has less man Power or is it Because it’s in a rural set up or is politically influenced??? These were some of the questions i started asking myself.

Am hereby, appealing to the Registrar General of National Registration to consider Chongwe Office as they take new staff to other districts.

Aaron Mapulanga
Chongwe District resident.

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