‘Chinsali DC is working with witchdoctor to grab property and harass villagers’

Dear Editor,
It is with deep sence of shock that i would like to write you so that the Zambians can know what is happening in Chinsali, Chief Mukwile, Musonko Village.
We are wondering especially that the DC Evelyn Kangwa  is involved and witnessed yesterday the 03.06.12 how property is being grabbed by an angry mob from whomever they suspect to be a witch.
The incident started last week in Musonko village were the witchdoctor went for witch-finding activities. He had a group of people who are getting properties from whom ever is a suspect.
Some victims whose property were grabbed went and reported the matter to the police. The police went to Musonko village to help people recover their property.
When the Witchdoctor saw the police officers, he informed Chinsali DC Evelyn Kangwa.
The DC in turn told the police officers to withdraw from Musonko village and the witchdoctor continued harrassing the people. People like  Mr. Smart Kabungo had everything taken,items such as sawing machine, suits, bicycles, wall clock which in turn young men started selling.
We thought it was not true that  the DC is backing that evil exercise against innoccent residents.
To our surprise,yesterday Sunday 03.06.12,  the Dc arrived in Musonko village even with a police officer,started harrassing an innocent person a Mr.Paul Malama who is former MMD concillor.
The DC was in the company of people searching his home and the small shop he has.
We are left wondering if this is the goverment peope voted for where the woman appointed by the goverment can be harrasing people in broad day light,and to make matters worse, the people above targeted are former retires and the few things they accumulated have been taken away.
Editor the above story is real and you can ask people from shiwang`andu consitiuency you will be informed of the sad happenings in Chinsali.
The witchdoctor is only troubling whomever the people point fingers at.
God help us from the demonic oppression.
The other things is, how can the police be getting instructions from the DC like that? Is that  being professional?
People who were exorcised in Lwanya near Mukwikile are almost killing each other beacause people are moving with axes.
 Author’s name withheld

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