Chinsali KK school pupils riot, beat up girls

By Jonathan  Mukuka and Chimwemwe Simpito

Kenneth Kaunda secondary school pupils in Chinsali Tuesday morning  riot ran amock destroying propertyand beating up girls from their dormitories.

Both Muchinga province deputy commissioner of police Chilije Nyirenda and Chinsali district commissioner Evelyn Kangwa have confirmed the development in separate interviews in Chinsali today.
Mr. Nyirenda and Ms. Kangwa who rushed to the school in the early hours of today however, declined to give the value of the damaged property saying an assessment has not yet been done.
The cause of the riot is not yet known.
The pupils ran amock just after 24:00 hours destroying window panes on the girls domitaries and some teachers houses.
The boys also beat up the girls in the domitaries, stole their money and food.
The irate pupils have also damaged a personal vehicle belonging to one of the staff members at the learning institution.
The rioting pupils also attempted to go to Chinsali Girls secondary school to beat up the girls but quick action by the police prevented the boys from entering the school premise.
Police in full riot gear where deployed around the school to prevent the boys from causing harvoc at the girls’ learning institution.
DC Kangwa has condemned the behavior of the boys and has called on the school adminstration to get to the root cause of the confusion at the school.
Ms. Kangwa said pupils should account for the damage they have caused at school.
Ms. Kangwa said they boys should have sought other means of resolving their grievances with their administration instead of resorting to violence.
And school PTA chaiperson Weston Mwansa Milimo has blamed poor school administration as the cause of the riot.
Mr. Milimo  said that authorities should ensure that they also deal with the administrators of the school.
The boys have since run into the nearby bush leaving only female pupils in the school.
The cause of the riot has not yet been established.

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