Chinsali senior cop locked up for telling Lungu ‘you are losing’

A Senior Police Superintendent we have only identified as Kabuka is currently locked up in Chinsali police cells for openly telling President Edgar Lungu that he was headed for an outright loss in the elections expected in two weeks’ time.

Kabuka uttered the remarks during a drinking spree that was organised by Lungu as he was receiving a security briefing during his tour of Muchinga province.

“It happened that during a drinking spree with President Lungu and others, in a drunken state Kabuka stood up and burst out within the President’s view and ear shot, and said ‘Mwanya, na panshi paka talala. Caka cino ulelusa’ (f**k you, you will be speechless as this year Lungu, you will lose), much to the amusement of other officials who were present,” said a Watchdog source attached to Lungu’s office.

The source further attributed the senior cop’s misconduct to Lungu’s huge appetite for alcohol and breach of Presidential etiquette. Lungu was recently pictured in a drunken state with one of dinking partners Jonas Shakafuswa’s daughters.




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