Chipangali MP Mwale also rubbishes Post newspaper story

Chipangali MP Vincent Mwale has just posted this on his facebook page:

I have just read the story about me and what I said in Brussels on The Zambian Watchdog site, it’s a sad that the Watchdog can post such a story before getting the side of my story, there is no time that I ever asked people not to believe the stories they read about Zambia, i advised Zambians living in Brussels who attended the function to be good ambassadors of Zambia and project a good picture of our country to would be investors. For the the benefit of those who have read the story i can assure you that no per diem, no trip to Planet Mars can buy me to supporting the PF, the PF shall only win my praise and support when they do the right things for our citizens.

Editor’s note:

It seems MP Vincent Mwale was not aware that the Watchdog story about him praising the PF government was written by a former Post newspaper journalist Lambwe Kachali who is the current information officer at the Brussels embassy and carried by the Post newspaper in Tuesday’s edition. The  article was concocted by Lambwe Kachali with further additions by Fred M’membe but Masuzyo Chakkwe’s name put as author.

See the article here

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