Chipango apologises but maintains that the ministry had been ready for chaotic ICT exams

Ministry of General Education Spokesperson Hillary Chipango has maintained that the Ministry had been ready for the chaotic grade 9 ICT exams.

And Chipango has apologised over the mediocrity that characterised the ICT exams that saw some pupils finish writing the exams at 03 hours in the morning.

He claimed that the ministry had prepared for the exams but faced challenges due to lack of computers and load shedding of power in the middle of exams by Zesco.

Chipango said the ministry had talked to Zesco not to load shed schools on the date of the ICT exams and tried to secure computers for schools.

He claimed that he will only issue a comprehensive statement after receiving reports from all districts.

Some Head teachers in Lusaka were almost beaten by angry parents who were forced to pick their children late in the night.

The PF government has been experimenting with education since they assumed power in 2011 making several changes to the curriculum before providing books for the new syllabus.

Chief government Spokesperson Chishimba Kambwili has not yet commented on the issue as he could still be checking for other countries in the global community that may have faced a similar challenge.

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